Brooklyn’s Global Hip Hop Artist KOTA The Friend Will Be Live on VOICES of East New York Sunday June 21 Talking About Being Independent & Financial Freedom

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Staying with the mindset of Juneteenth and the New Black EmPowerment Movement, this Sunday June 21, 2020 @9am, ‘KOTA The Friend‘ the Independent global Hip Hop artist from Brooklyn, will be on Facebook Live on VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas. He’ll be talking about owning his music, owning commercial real estate and the expansion of his FLTBYS brand to include artist development. He will talk about how he did it as a 100% Independent Artist, and why he turned down deals from all the major record labels.

If you are looking to understand Black EmPowerment and how it looks in 2020 and beyond, then you want to tune in to this episode. Find out what it takes to get there.

Use this link to Watch the Show – Go to the link now and click “Reminder” and you will receive a reminder just before the show goes live. –


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