City Officials Speeding Up Privatization of NYCHA Which Will Displace Thousands of Tenants: How We Can ‘Halt The Blueprint’ Sunday Dec 6 on VOICES of East New York

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NYCHA is trying to move forward with their Blueprint privatization plan at breakneck speed. This plan, along with RAD, ends public housing in NYC. (Read article about all 3 NYCHA Privatization Plans)
But it CAN be stopped. If state legislators vote no, this plan is stopped in its tracks.
One of the challenges to this task is getting accurate information out about the Blueprint, and making sure folks know how they can take action.
To this end, VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas will focus this weekend’s show on stopping the further distribution of NYCHA properties to private developers. East New York is one of the neighborhoods where private developers have been handed two NYCHA developments. (Read how it happened)
Let’s be crystal clear; management of NYCHA by private developers will absolutely speed up gentrification and will quickly push NYCHA rents to market rate.  Yes, you read that correctly!  Rents will go to market rate within 2 years.  If you do not qualify for Section 8 be prepared to pay market rate rent for your NYCHA apartment.  Market rate rent in Brooklyn for a 1-2 bedroom according to Rent Cafe is $2,951. This is how gentrification happens.  If NYCHA apartments are going to be market rate then the rest of the available apartments in East New York will demand even higher rents.
Kristen Hackett of the Justice for All Coalition will be this week’s guest to explain in detail the NYCHA Blueprint and how we can #HaltTheBlueprint. (Download the Blueprint Here) NYCHA Privatization Blueprint Plan
Watch and Join the Livestream Sunday Dec. 6 at 9am at


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