Davon Lomax of DC9 Painters Union Discussing Careers as a Union Painter Live on VOICES of ENY Sunday March 21

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This week, SUNDAY March 21, 2021 @9am, on VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas, the discussion will involve careers in Unions, specifically DC9, the Painters Union. DC9’s Davon Lomax will be explaining how young people can get into the Painters Union, as well as what makes joining a Union a smart career move. You can ask questions during the live discussion. If you know young people who are looking for career options then this segment is a must-watch.

You can Join the Livestream Discussion, Sunday March 21, 2021 @9am, by going to Facebook.com/EastNewYorkNews.  If you do not have Facebook you can watch the show live on the homepage of EastNewYork.com or NYCPolitics.comClick here to watch past episodes of VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas. The show provides information and resources that are vital to members of East New York, Brownsville and neighborhoods throughout East Brooklyn.

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