East New York’s Starrett City Area Hardest Hit with 612 Coronavirus Deaths

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by Nikki Lucas

The city released a report yesterday that stated there were 612 Covid-19 related deaths within the 11239 zip code area, which includes Starrett City (Spring Creek Towers).

Starrett City has 46 buildings and over 5,000 apartments as well as the highest percentage of people over 65 in the city. . While the owners of the complex have put some provisions in place; masks to seniors and sanitizing buildings,  additional resources are needed for all residents, masks, gloves and  hand sanitizer.

There was an email sent by resident Fran Welsh, asking Spring Creek Towers owners to provide space for a testing site but it was denied. Spring Creek ownership refused to believe that the numbers Ms. Welsh provided in her email were accurate, despite her providing proof from a few reliable digital media sources.

This a family community with lots of children and seniors.  I am extremely concerned about the increasing number the COVID-19 related cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C).  We must improve on being more proactive.

Data released from New York City shows that Starrett City (Spring Creek), the 11239 zip code area, has the highest death rate in the city at 612 cases, per 100,000.

The 10 ZIP codes with the highest death rates are:

  • 11239 Starrett City (Spring Creek Area): 612 deaths
  • 11691 Far Rockaway, Queens: 288 deaths

  • 11354 Flushing, Queens: 241 deaths

  • 10469 the East Bronx: 307 deaths

  • 11224 Coney Island and Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn: 185 deaths

  • 11369 East Elmhurst and Jackson Heights, Queens: 150 deaths

  • 11692 Rockaway, Queens: 77 deaths

  • 10475 Co-op City, the Bronx: 155 deaths

  • 10304 Stapleton and St. George, Staten Island: 150 deaths

  • 11372 Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, Queens: 218 deaths

About the author:

Nikki Lucas is a Community Organizer in East New York, and resident of Starrett City. She is also the host of the East New York online Video Series, VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas and she hosts HealthyNYC TV, a weekly video series discussing health issues throughout New York City, with a focus on seniors.

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