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Envisioned by Missionary Bishop – Dr. Lester Bradford, founder of Exousia Cathedral and spearheaded by President and Elder Elect – Lucia Bradford, “Brownsville Shines” serviced the community of Brownsville from its inception.  Originally launched as a Christmas tree lighting event, Brownsville Shines was known by community members as the Christmas event.  Attendees would enjoy a festive atmosphere consisting of Christmas caroling and thoughtful wishes, while enjoying refreshments that guaranteed warmth in the hearts of all participants.  In grand tradition, the peak of the event concluded with the actual lighting of the Christmas tree which erected directly in the front-center of the building.  With brightened eyes and gasps that can be heard from the elated hearts of the children and the young at heart; the colorful lights that glistened off the green pine leaves, invigorated the spirit of love, hope and happiness.

As Elder Elect Lucia’s singing career reached new heights and her schedule became increasingly demanding with both international and domestic commitments, the opportunity arose for Teniesha Bradford to step into the role of President.  In 2022, for the 10th year anniversary of Brownsville Shines, HealthJox Foundation, Inc. founder, Dewry DuRoi Bradford, partnered with Exousia Cathedral to produce the event.  This action enabled attendees to access an expanded range of services. Through strategic partnerships, HealthJox Foundation was able to hand out some of the most coveted toys to Brownsville’s youth after the tree lighting ceremony.  Furthermore, they offered a diverse array of unconventional presents for adults seeking to alleviate their holiday expenses. These offerings encompassed household appliances, cleaning supplies, sneakers, slippers, clothing, coats, juices, hair care items, canned and dry goods, all provided at no cost.  Furthermore, the initial 200 attendees who registered at the outset of the event were awarded complimentary phones and $10 tablets, along with a six-year service plan at no cost. Noteworthy was the presence of Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso, who delivered an inspiring address to the community, concluding with the iconic lyrics of Biggie Smalls: “Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.”

According to HealthJox Founder, Dewry DuRoi: “Last year (2023), was our biggest service offering yet!  On Saturday, December 16, 2023, through collaboration with Brooklyn Health Equity Foundation and Toys For Tots, HealthJox Foundation and Exousia Cathedral was able to provide over 500-toys for the Youth as well as donate 200 toys to “Clothed With Love” which is as organization founded by Pastor Denese Hall in Bushwick, Brooklyn.”


Multiple food giveaway events in the Community of Brownsville.


The remarkable strength of 2023 stemmed from our transformation of every food giveaway, organized by Exousia Cathedral’s Home Missions department under the leadership of Pastor Constance Wright, into a vibrant occasion featuring banners, a live DJ (DJ Argyle), and an engaging MC. Through strategic alliances with Fenix Community Fridge, Trader Joe’s, Grow Brownsville, and the enthusiastic support of volunteers from Origins High School, we were able to aid over 1,000 Brooklyn residents not only during the Tree Lighting event but throughout the entirety of 2023.

This year, 2024 we expand our efforts officially to produce multiple “Brownsville Shines” giveaways throughout the year with a special giveaway on Thanksgiving Day in collaboration with Trader Joe’s called “Meat Lovers Food Giveaway” which was truly a hit last year.


As of now, these are the official dates for upcoming outreach events, all set to take place at 693 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11212:

  • Saturday, April 27th
  • Saturday, July 13th
  • Saturday, September 7th
  • Saturday, November 9th
  • Thursday, November 28th (Thanksgiving Day)
  • Saturday, December 14th (Christmas Toy Giveaway)


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Missionary Bishop – Dr. Lester Bradford, Pastor Kayla Swindell, Pastor Constance Wright and Dewry DuRoi Bradford



Nathifa King – Writer / Kayla Swindell – Editor


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