Introducing Alafia: A Visionary Affordable Housing Development in East New York With Rents Starting at $777/mth

Posted By Samantha Thompson
In the vibrant Spring Creek section of East New York, a groundbreaking affordable housing initiative, Alafia, with 123 truly affordable apartments is set to redefine community wellness and development. Spanning 27 acres, this mixed-use development is more than just housing; it’s a comprehensive approach to enhancing community life through innovative health and wellness investments. Applications are available now and the deadline to apply is July 29. 2024. See the email address and telephone number below to apply.

A Holistic Approach to Community Wellness

Alafia, whose name signifies peace and wellness, is being developed with the vision to foster a healthier, more vibrant community. The project leverages numerous New York State programs and resources aimed at improving various facets of community life including:

  • Open Space and Recreation: Promoting active lifestyles with ample green spaces and recreational facilities.
  • Healthy Food Access: Incorporating an urban farm that will produce up to 180,000 pounds of fresh produce annually, alongside facilities for culinary training and food production.
  • Education and Economic Empowerment: Offering workforce development programs focused on emerging green jobs, such as solar photovoltaic installation.
  • Community Health: Integrating community-based health care and violence prevention programs to enhance the safety and well-being of residents.
  • Affordable and Resilient Housing: All residential units are being constructed under green building standards with energy-efficient appliances and passive house design principles, ensuring sustainability and affordability.

photo credit: Alafia Development

Designed for Active, Engaged Living

Alafia is designed to be a sanctuary where residents can enjoy life to the fullest. The development includes:

  • Bike Storage and Fitness Rooms: Encouraging physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Landscaped Courtyards and Community Room: Spaces designed for social interaction and community engagement.
  • On-site Laundry Facilities: Adding convenience and accessibility for all residents.

Strategically located off the Prospect Expressway, Alafia offers easy access to Gateway Center’s shopping and dining, enhancing the convenience for its residents.

Building Sustainable Futures

With over 2,400 dwelling units, all set at affordable pricing, Alafia is dedicated to providing high-quality living conditions for a diverse range of households. The inclusion of supportive services for high health-cost populations ensures that the most vulnerable community members receive the care and support they need.

The development’s sustainable design not only addresses environmental concerns but also equips residents with the skills needed for future job markets, particularly in sustainable industries. This forward-thinking approach aims to not only provide a roof over residents’ heads but to also prepare them for prosperous futures.

A Green Oasis in the Urban Landscape

In addition to its urban farm, Alafia features a mile-long fitness loop, various sports courts, children’s play areas, and extensive green spaces that are seamlessly integrated throughout the development. These green spaces are designed to serve as the lungs of the community, providing residents with lush, serene areas to relax, play, and socialize.

Alafia stands as a beacon of innovation in affordable housing, creating a blueprint for how urban developments can contribute significantly to community health and economic outcomes. As it nears completion, Alafia is poised to become a cornerstone of community development in East New York, offering a dynamic and engaged lifestyle for all its residents.

Deadline to Apply is July 29th, 2024

To Apply email or call 212-348-3248 x 5127

Visit the Alafia Website

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