Livestreaming NYCHA Privatization Information Session Sunday Oct 18 on VOICES of East New York With Nikki Lucas and Special Guest

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Kristen Hackett, member of The Justice for All Coalition, and writer of the OpEd ‘Three NYCHA Plans That Will Privatize NYCHA‘ will be the guest on VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas this Sunday October 18, 2020 @9am.

This will be a detailed discussion, breaking down the 3 plans that NYC has introduced as an answer to the NYCHA woes.  All 3 plans point to New York City handing NYCHA over to private developers.

If you live in East New York then you must tune in to this show.  Turning NYCHA over to private developers is a big step towards gentrification and displacement of current residents. Privatization impacts the entire community.

Watch the show live and join the discussion on or watch on the homepage of  To engage in the discussion you must watch the show on Facebook.  However you can watch the show live on the homepage of

Read this article, ‘East New York In Crisis As City Officials Sell NYCHA Housing To Questionable Private Developers Which May Lead To High Speed Gentrification And Displacement Of Residents’

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