The Winner of the City Council Race in East New York Between Charles Barron and Nikki Lucas Will Be Decided With Ranked Choice Voting

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It looks like Ranked Choice Voting will decide the final outcome of the City Council race in East New York, in the 42nd District. With 99% of precincts reporting results, Charles Barron leads with 47% of the votes and Nikki Lucas has 37%.  Wilfredo Florentino finished with 10% and Gena Watson had 5%. A winner will be named when one of the candidates reaches 51%, which will happen after the Ranked Choice Voting process is complete.  Both candidates will rely on mail-in ballots and the number of second place votes they receive from people who voted for the other two candidates. See below to find out how a winner is selected with RCV.

Gena Watson came in last place with 5% of the votes so she will be out of the race and her second place votes will be distributed to the remaining 3 candidates.  If 300 people who voted for Gena Watson chose Charles Barron as their number 2 choice, then he gets those votes.  If 500 people chose Nikki Lucas as their second choiuce the Nikki Lucas would get those 500 votes, and the same for Wilfredo Florentino. If no candidate has still reached 51% then the remaining last place candidate (Wilfredo Florentino) will be knocked off and his second place votes will be distributed to Charles Barron and Nikki Lucas. Whichever candidate has the most votes at the end of the process will win the race.

An official winner might take up to 2 weeks to be announced. Stay tuned for updates – Subscribe to


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