Video of NYPD Officers From 75th Pct Making Violent Arrests in East New York: Is It Time To Fine Officers Personally For These Offenses?

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Officer without a mask punching a bystander (screenshot from video)

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Last week NYPD officers from East New York’s 75th Precinct made violent arrests,while many of the officers, including the Deputy Inspector were not wearing masks, putting the public and other officers at risk. It is unimaginable that these officers are arresting residents in East New York and other similar areas throughout New York City for “Social Distancing” issues, while they are not adhering to the basic rule of wearing a mask.

See the video below, and the image of NYPD officers in another neighborhood, to see the disparity in how the NYPD interacts with residents of East New York vs how they interact with residents who hangout in Central Park, clearly violating every rule that has been put in place by Mayor De Blasio. The question one must ask is how is the enforcement of these rules so different for residents of New York City in one neighborhood vs another neighborhood.

If it has not been clear to New Yorkers before, it should definitely be clear now, the NYPD “police” every resident in East New York, Brownsville and other similar neighborhoods, while they “protect” people in Park Slope, Upper East Side and other areas in New York City. This practice has to stop. All New Yorkers need to feel “protected”, not “policed”. Officers who violate these policies should be removed the force and hit with a large personal financial fine for civil rights violations. Taking money from their personal pockets will be the only thing that will deter this type of behavior. The PBA (Police Union) should also incur millions in fines for every incident.

Nikki Lucas will be discussing these issues live on the VOICES of East New York Video Series, Sunday May 10 at 9am. Kim Council, candidate for City Council in Bushwick and East New York will be a guest on this week’s show.  Watch the show, ask questions and comment live about this issue as well as other issues that impact East New Yorkers. The show airs live on the East New York News Facebook page as well as on

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