Brownsville Gets Its Own Digital Media Platform

JIG.Media, owners of,, and more, will be launching the official digital media platform for Brownsville Brooklyn. The CEO of JIG.Media, Vernon Jones Sr., who grew up in Brownsville and East New York, stated, “we own a lot of digital media properties, but, and are the most important to me, personally, because these are the neighborhoods that gave me the grit to work hard and compete in the ruthless business world.”

Vernon Jones, Sr. / CEO JIG Media

The digital media platform will include information on housing, employment, development, shopping, senior resources, culture, events, and more.Jones added, “We have over 20,000 members on our website, and we expect to reach that number in Brownsville quickly, because of the demand for such a platform. With all of the development and progress happening in Brownsville, this is an opportunity for us to spread the word quickly, about programs and opportunities that are becoming available to community residents. I heard someone recently call Brownsville a “digital desert”, and I took that as a personal insult, as a person who grew up in Brownsville.  That statement motivated me to expedite the launch of, in part to prove that person wrong. We knew we were going to launch two years ago, and I spoke to community organizations at that time about the concept but they didn’t understand the importance and value. Now we have a strong community partner, who we will name later. This partner, also a product of Brownsville, immediately understood the importance and value, which is what we were looking for. As a rule we don’t sell people on our ideas, because if they don’t get it then we really would rather not work with them. We work with people and companies that get it.”

BrownsvilleNews,org is looking for additional community based organizations, elected officials and businesses, in Brownsville, to become partners. You are encouraged to contact JIG only if you “get it”. To become a partner contact or call 718-285-9351.

JIG.Media plans to launch in late August or early September. The launch will include a community event, of which Brownsville stakeholders and community residents will be invited.  To get invited to the launch event send an email to Be sure to include your email address, name and put “Brownsville” in the subject line.

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