Brownsville Assemblywoman Latrice Walker Featured on the 2018 Albany 40 Under 40 List

(Photo by Celeste Sloman)

Courtesy City and State

Brownsville’s Assemblywoman, Latrice Walker grew up in NYCHA’s Prospect Plaza Houses, which were torn down as part of a plan to build new housing in its place. “They came to everyone and gave them this promise of returning to this new community that was going to be built up with townhouses … and everything was going to be beautiful and brand new,” Walker recalls. But the new development was never built, leaving Walker’s mother devastated.

“My mom was forced to sign these documents. She had an eighth-grade education, no formal high school diploma or college, (and) was expected to read this legal document,” Walker says. “I remember her saying to me, I never want to see this happen again to any other families, and I should make sure to go to law school to prevent this,” Walker says.

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