East New York Resident & Teacher Dies From COVID-19 After A Frustrating Journey Through NYC Health Care System

Posted By NYC Newswire

Photo: Rana Zoe Mungin/ wellesleyunderground.com

Rana Zoe Mungin, a 30 year old graduate of Wellesley College and University of Massachusetts, and a resident of East New York, recently passed away from Coronavirus only after experiencing a frustrating ordeal through the health care system. Mungin tutored sixth-grade students in social studies at Ascend Academy in East New York

According to reports Mungin’s sister, Mia, who is a registered nurse, came home with a fever March 9 and a couple of days later Rana Zoe started running a fever.

Rana Zoe also suffered from asthma leading her family to call the ambulance due to her shortness of breath. She was turned away from an emergency room twice after developing fever, before she was finally admitted to Brookdale Hospital on March 20.  Her sister stated, in reports, that the hospital didn’t want to give her sister a COVID-19 test because there was a shortage of kits.

The next day Rana Zoe had to be put on a ventilator and she was treated with the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, with no success.

After appeals by family, friends and  Senator Chuck Schumer, Rana Zoe was eventually transferred to Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan for treatment. Her condition seemed to improve before taking a turn for the worse. Rana Zoe woke up after being on a ventilator for a month, but she had developed an infection that required antibiotics. Her condition quickly deteriorated and she developed heart arrhythmia,  Rana Zoe died Monday.

In a quote from ABC News, her friend for more than a decade, Nohemi Maciel stated, “She died not only because of COVID-19, but because we live in a world that is racist and anti-black. We know that black people are dying at disproportionate rates. This cannot be left out of the conversation.”

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