Sat Nov 17th 50th Anniversary Event in Honor Of Ocean-Hill Brownsville Teacher’s Strike of 1968

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A Community’s Fight for Education Equity 50 Years Later — How Long Do We Wait?

BROWNSVILLE, BROOKLYN – The Ocean Hill-Brownsville Coalition of Young Professionals (CYP) will be hosting a 50th anniversary commemoration in honor of the Ocean-Hill Brownsville Teacher’s Strike of 1968. The event is slated to take place at the original breeding ground of a community’s fight for self-determination, I.S. 271, now known as the Eagle Academy for Young Men II located at 1137 Herkimer Street. The event is FREE.

A screening, panel and community discussions will focus on the different areas of educational disinvestment and how it has played a part in the current NYC education system. The discussion and presentation will center on Ocean Hill-Brownsville’s fight for education liberation as the Community Governing Board during 1967-1968. The goal for this event is to foster community healing by allowing the narratives of those who led the charge to be heard and start the conversation regarding an intergenerational call to action in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville community.

Confirmed guest speakers include Father Powis, a Priest and community activist;
Charles S. Isaacs, a lifelong Brownsville educator, Strike activist and renowned author;
Cathie Wright Lewis, a student during Strike, children’s book author, documentarian, lifelong educator; Karriema Jordan, a student of I.S. 271 during Strike, featured in “Eyes on the Prize”, academic historian and educator; and Rev. Herbert C. Oliver, a veteran civil rights leader and Chairman of Community Governing Board.

Tickets are available online through the groups events page. This FREE event is supported by  the Pitkin Avenue Business Improvement DistrictMade in Brownsville and the Brooklyn Movement Center.

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