Win An Affordable Lottery Apartment in NYC By Simply Updating Your Application

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In East New York there is a massive brand new affordable housing development accepting applications for 199 affordable apartments through the New York City Affordable Housing program, NYC Housing Connect. Although tens of thousands of people have applied for this development and other affordable housing developments, very few are called and accepted.

There are many reasons why people are not called or accepted, but one of the main reasons is outdated or incomplete applications. Keeping your application updated is very easy, yet very important.

The Application Process

If you have not Registered for the NYC Affordable Housing List you can Register at this link.  Be sure to complete the application completely .Once you are Registered you can then Apply for the various affordable housing developments. Remember, you have to Apply for each development that you are interested in.

Updating Your Application and Information

If you move, change phone numbers, transfer jobs or there is a change in your salary, or any other change that might affect your application, you should go back into your account and make the updates. Keeping your contact information and employment information are very important to keep your application up to date, giving you a much better chance of being called for an apartment.

Here is the link to Apply for an Apartment in the multiple Affordable Developments listed on the NYC Housing Connect website.

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